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New Background... What'cha think????

I finally changed my background! A while back my awesome friend Anna, who set this blog up for me, lost the use of the place she stored my background picture. It's lost forever, so I changed it to an actual picture of the view out my window, but I really didn't like how that looked. "Why did I suddenly get the urge to change it?" you ask. Well I will tell you.....

Last night Nancy, Anna and I were discussing this and that and I mentioned that my friend
Larry wrote a book, so we looked on line to see it and discuss it. Then Nancy mentioned that she wrote a book, and we said, “Yes, we knew that.” Then she said, " No, I wrote another book, more along the line of Larry’s book with all the rhymes." Since she was sitting in front of her computer at the time, she opened the file and read us her book about Figaro the cat—it was very cool! Very Dr. Seuss-ish! I am hoping to get a copy of it one of these days. Then I said, "I wrote a book also!" So, since we were at my house and the file cabinet where the book was stored was only across the room, I went and got out my book. (one day I will scan it and find the best way to post it so you can read it.) I showed it to Anna and Nancy and they were bowled over with awe at the amazing artwork and clever rhyming.  While they were reading this epic novel, I found several other of my favorite scrawlings in the file! I was very excited for I thought I lost all of those incredibly well written stories. (I will be sharing those stories with you in the next several weeks.) You see, finding and reading those stories reminded me of how much I like to write such silliness… which got us on the topics of blogs…. Which reminded me that I haven’t written anything here for quite some time and I should get back to it... Which reminded me that I got away from it cuz I was unhappy with the looks of the blog. Anna mentioned that I should start a new one using a different Blog-host, company? Server? … whatever you call it. She uses Blogger and where she has several blogs, (her main one is Beth and Cory’s Mom) and she thinks I should use that one. So today I started looking at free blog hosting to see what they had to offer. I looked around and didn’t see all that many exciting templates that were any better than what I had. So I revisited Live Journal and looked at the templates, and found this one. It doesn’t exactly promote my  theme “from my windowsill---A Flowerppot's View of the World”. It’s more like “a view inside my hoodie” but I like the daisies and the line drawing, the simplicity of it. I kinda like it, so this is what I am going with for now. What do you think????


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