June 2nd, 2014

What!!!! You've NEVER heard of Veggie Kablooie?????

Veggie KablooiePeggy's Original Veggie Kablooie!!!

This recipe evolved over a year or so until it became what it is. It's something that is welcomed with open arms (hands and mouths!) whenever I bring it to a party.

What is it??? It's good for you! Well, it must be since it is filled with vegetables! It's a snacker's delight!  It's vegetables that went.....

Many of my friends have asked me for my recipe and I have given them a print out from my computer. No one has ever gotten back to me to say they made it and it's just as good as mine... or even told me they made it. So I can't say this recipe has been tested by anyone but myself, and I actually never really measure anything when I make this. I just kinda go by what looks right.

This is what you need for Peggy's Original Veggie Kablooie:Veggie Kablooie

A food processor

2 parts broccoli
2 parts cauliflower
2 parts carrot
1 part radish, the ones with the greens on topare the best.
1 part onion--yellow, white, or, for color use the purple ones
1 part green pepper (optional- I think it adds a brightness to the Kablooie)
1 part shredded mild cheddar cheese
enough Kraft Peppercorn Ranch dressing to moisten
1 or more bags of Fritos Scoops (not pictured here)

Take all the veggies and grind them up, add enough dressing to moisten, add the cheese no more than 4 hours before serving. Eat with Fritos Scoops (best), or other chips or coin shaped carrots. or scoop-cut bell peppers or other scooplike things.. NOT celery! You will ruin it with celery!

You can also stuff pita pockets, or eat it like coleslaw!

Sounds simple, don't you think????

Here is a picture tutorial.
I am making a very large batch. You don't have to make this much.
I would imagine you could make a small batch by putting small amounts of the veggies in one bowl of the food processor and grinding them up. I have never made a small batch....

Veggie Kablooie
So, you take your 1 part radishes and 1 part onions,
chop them up to the size your machine needs them to be,
and put them in your food processor.
Grind them all up!
Veggie Kablooie

Dump this out into a bowl.
(I got a little ahead of myself here as I already have the carrots in there too!)

Veggie Kablooie

Next the 2 parts carrot.. actually, you can do these in any order...

Veggie Kablooie

I mentioned green peppers in the recipe.
They add a brightness to the Kablooie, but this batch was to be eaten
by someone sensitive to green peppers so I left them out.

When I cut up the 2 parts cauliflower, I use as much stem as I can.

Veggie Kablooie Veggie Kablooie

The same with the 2 parts broccoli.

Veggie Kablooie Veggie Kablooie
 Not quite enough with just the stem, so I added florets. You should use some florets just for the color.

But not all of them, left some nice florets for munching on while i was pouring on the dressing.

Veggie Kablooie
Now it is time to add the Kraft Peppercorn Ranch Dressing. This is important! I like this particular dressing the best for this recipe. Once I only had regular ranch dressing (I grabbed the wrong bottle/ Long story) so we added cracked pepper to it and it was okay. The pepper adds a zing to it, but not enough to scare away the wimps of the world (that would be my husband who thinks mashed potatoes are too hot!)   I actually never tried another peppercorn ranch dressing cuz I really like this one. One day I am going to find a natural substitute that doesn't have all the added bad stuff in it...... someday......

Start with a small amount of dressing and work it in, mix it up, have a good time!
Add more dressing as needed until it looks like this.

Veggie Kablooie

This is a bit dry, so add just a little more until it looks like this

Veggie Kablooie

Don't you just wanna grab some chips and scoop it up!?!?!?!?

"But, but, but... what about the cheese?!?!?!? I have all that cheese sitting there!"

Adding the cheese depends on when you are going to serve it. It is best not to add it more than a few hours before it is eaten because the cheese tends to break down (melt) after a few hours. I usually just add it to the top and mix it in when I am ready to serve it.I made this batch Friday to be taken to a party Saturday afternoon, that's why i didn't mix the cheese in. Remember, more is not better in this case! Too much cheese makes it heavy, a little adds a new dimension to the Kablooie, subtle but nice.

Veggie Kablooie

Of course you HAVE to mix a little bit up to have a taste test!! You wouldn't want to serve your guests an inferior product!!!!

Or in this case, I wanted to take pictures of the finished product!

Veggie Kablooie

There you have it,
Peggy's Original Veggie Kablooie!