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Tie Dye Day!!!

As most of you know, all 8 of you who read my blog, I love color!  A while ago I acquired a number of t-shirts at an end of the year sale for very little money, a price i couldn't pass up. The only problem with them was they were all white. White is good, until i drop food on them the first time i wear them and they gain color! Usually spaghetti sauce colored.... Don and I also needed a new supply of underwear and socks as the last batch were fast becoming rags. All these factors sum up to one answer-----Tie Dye Time!!!!

So over the past month i have been seaching Pinterest and You Tube for dyeing ideas and tutorials. I didn't want to just do the traditonal spirals and stripes-- i still have shirts like that from the last time i dyed-- i wanted to do something different. I kept seeing these wonderful watercolor looking dyed fabrics.... Ice Dyeing! I love it! Thought I would try it! And i saw Drip Dyeing, and tried that also. Learned a lot about dyeing this time.

First i am going to show you the results of my traditonal tie dying.  I used a Jacquard Tie Dye Kit for 15 shirts. I also bought a bottle of this brand of black dye, I went with the Jacquard kit cuz it worked so well last time.I also got it before i discovered ice dyeing.

Here we see a few of the items i actually tied/ or used rubberbands to "tie".And one i didn't bother to tie, i just scrunched it up and used up the last of my dye on it and put it in a plastic bag.  The socks and such on the left side of the picture have already had the extra dye rinsed out . Actually, i didn't think to take a picture until i had rinsed that batch.... oops!

This is not a tutorial for dying, there are numerous tutorials out there on blogs and You Tube. I will just say that Thursday morning i washed the new clothes, then soaked them in soda ash, as the instructions said, before i tied them or set them up for ice dying. i put them aside for 24 hours and rinsed them Friday morning, then threw them in the washer and dryer.

Here we see many of the garments already rinsed out. Some of the socks and underwear i used as "rags" to mop up the excess dye, or dye powder, so i didn't get blotches in the wrong places. I could have used paper towel, but where is the fun in that???? The ones that look like paint rags, well... they basically were!

Here are some more rinsed out garments.

And here is the finished product!-- well not all of them...

This is me modeling my finished, tie dyed shirt!

That's the traditional tie dye. I think i will start a new entry about ice dyeing!
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