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Tie Dye Day---- Actually this is going to be Ice dyeing!

So let me show you my Ice Dyeing experiements. I really like the way this dyes... it looks all watercolory rather than the crisp, bold colors of the tie dye.

Here is the traditional look. Crisp bold colors, sharp edges, distinct color changes. Has that "in your face" attitude!

The ice dye is much softer--- This is one of the ones i made, not the best example of ice dyeing, but really cool!

So this is what i did....

First i washed the new clothes to get the sizing out of them and any oils or dirt from being handled. Then soaked everything in soda ash, according to the directions. Then i found some tubs and "screens"... actually they were racks from my Nescos that worked really well. I put the racks inside the tubs.
 And then
i put a pair of undies over the rack to use some of the dye that goes thru the clothes , next time i will put more layers! On top of that layer I scrunched up the shirt, then added the ice. In the pastel tub i added a sock to each end of the tub.

Just to use all the dye, i put a couple pairs of socks in the bottom, its a bit hard to see on this picture, but you can see the rack with the ice and shirts on it and below that round mass is a sock, under the rack.

Then i sprinkled the dry dye powder over the ice... i should have used more, but i had a limited supply so i was a bit skimpy. I also think i should have used bigger patches of dye and a softer, looser crumple to the shirt-- but live and learn...

Here are some pictures of the two dye batches. One is more pastel (and is the shirt at the top of the page) and the other i used some black dye with a little of the other colors.  The Black dye has a white circle in it, that is the seal paper from the bottle of dye, and I thought i would use the dye on it and let it melt into the mix.... remember this and i will show you what happened with that idea!

The lower tub pictures that look kinda purple has the black dye on it. The shirts are a grey/blue t shirt that i didn't really like the color, so i thought i would try some black highlights. And in the same tub, i put a  pink oxford all cotton shirt that had some stains on it and was a bit grey in color... i thought it would be cool to have black and pink... i am not a pink person, so i thought it would be fun to experiment with it. They are next to each other in the tub.

Here is the result of the pastel tub. Don't you just love the watercolor effect, the soft colors???

This is the black dye... i should have used a lot more dye, i think. The black is made up of many colors and it tends to break up into the separate colors. I also added just a little of some other colors of dye, I love the watercolor effect, but i am not thrilled with the colors... But i really want to try it again to see what happens if i change things! Lots of ice and lots of different mixes to see what works the best. Maybe a whole bunch of pillowcases to experiment with...

Here are the socks, the ones on the left top, that were plunked in the bottom of the tub. and below them is the pair of undies i lined the rack with. I LOVE how they turned out!!! I wish the shirt would have had that look! The stripes are from the pressure of the clothes on the rack, They picked up more dye than the two shirts above them! So you never know how the material will take the dye. Everything in the tub was 100% cotton, but each garment took the dye differently!

this is a bit blurry,but it is the best picture i have that represents the color of the shirt and the effect of the dye. It's actually looks better in person, there are a lot of subtle colors of different shades. There is a definite maroon in there that doesn't show up well in the picture. The shirt was originally the grey/blue. But i used black dye on this, and there are no black patches on the whole shirt.

Here is the pink oxford shirt. I don't care for pink, to wear. When i wear pink i look pink, it's just not my color, so playing with this shirt was worth it. The subtle colors in it, which you can't see as well in these pictures, but the last picture shows them pretty well, are truly awesome. It has a pink/grey look to it that i don't really care for, i was going for pink and black and hoping for the pink to work with the yellow and blue to make orange and purple. Oh well, it still has an very interesting look to it. I can wear it in the truck... everything gets kinda grey in there anyway!
See the dark spot on the pocket side of the shirt? That's where that white paper seal from the dye bottle sat, it's the only black on the whole shirt.

So there you have the ice dying! But before you leave.... here a quick look at my drip dye shirt!

I placed the wet tshirt on the lid of a tub. I wrapped the bottom of the shirt in plastic so it wouldn't get any dye on it.

Dripped the dye on the shirt and left it just lying there on the lid. Then i wrapped the shirt and lid in plastic bags, and set it on top of the black dye tub, to keep the black dye garments from drying out.

So there you have it! All my tie dyed stuff!
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