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Peggy's Lazy Woman’s Guide to Eating: Very Berry Vinaigrette

I was asked for my vinegrette recipe recently and thought i had it on this blog, but it's not here, so here is a quick post to add the recipe. Sorry, no pictures, just wanted to get it up here! All measurements are approximate and i never follow the recipe exactly, i just kinda wing it most of the time!

Peggy’s Very Berry Vinegrette goes kinda like this:

I take a bag of  frozen berries from the store, 4 berry mix, and let them thaw a bit so they will run thru the blender or food processor (whatever you have) and mush them up like a smoothie. then i refreeze them in the bag by laying it flat and thin as possible so you can just shave some off for each bottle of dressing.(recently i found some ice cube trays that make tube shaped that fit thru the bottle neck and work really nice!)

I make the dressing in a 12-16 oz. apple cider vinegar bottle. ( i just don't know how many ounces in the bottle cuz the label is gone.)

1/2 tsp ground dry mustard
1 tsp paprika
1-2 tsp of garlic, powder or minced or even fresh, whatever you have
1-2 tsp of dried onions.... i have a lot and never tried any other form
salt and pepper if you want ( i sometimes do and most of the time forget)
1/8th tsp dried ground jalapeno  optional, i like it cuz it adds a bit of a zing (and i always dry them and grind them.)
1 or 2 tbls very berry mix shaved from the block...

Using a funnel i put all the dry ingredients in the bottle, fill 1/2 way with apple cider vinegar, put in the berries, then fill the rest with olive oil. i usually have more vinegar and particles in the bottle than oil.
shake vigorously.
You can use it right away, but i think it is better the next day. shake before serving.
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