Peggy's Lazy Woman's Guide to Eating

I was talking to a friend of mine who is a recent college grad. We were discussing food and food prep and how you never want to come home from a hard day at work and cook a healthy meal. I mentioned some of the things I do to make life easier and healthier and she asked me to send her some ideas. I thought this would make a good blog entry, so here is Peggy’s Lazy Woman’s Guide to Eating. I will probably make a series of blogs on this subject.

Today’s blog is about color!!! For me there isn’t enough color, bling, glitter or rhinestones to satisfy my craving for color. So I wear colorful clothing and eat colorful food!!!! Today’s food is vegetables for salad, stir fry, and even just snacking on… or anything else you can use them for.

I got tired of plain old salads real fast when I started my very restricted diet. So I went out and explored the produce section of our store. Happily, our store carries a large organic selection and some interesting non-organic vegetables. You can add radishes, kolorabi, celery, (which is shown, but i didn't actually use it this time). I am not sure how mushrooms keep and tomatoes don't work in this. Use your imagination.

It took me about an hour, maybe a little more with the cleanup, to cut up a week’s worth of salad. This is what I started out with. I then proceeded to chop, cut, dice, and julienne…. Isn’ t that special? I can julienne!!!! I also cut up a bag of lettuce for salads, but didn't take any pictures.

I cut off a piece of the purple cabbage and cut it up in thin strips… I should have gone the other direction on this one to get all the really cute curly slices instead of these kinda boring ones. Just cut it off the big part of the cabbage to get the nice curly sections. But this shows you about how much I used. A whole cabbage usually lasts a good month, maybe more.

  Next, a head of broccoli

Then I used my special Pampered Chef Julienne peeler, but I am sure you can find a cheaper one somewhere. It makes these nice matchstick carrots that I love to put in soup and salad. You just gotta get your jollies somewhere!!

Next is the best part!!! Purple cauliflower!!! During the winter it was lavender, but in the last month it really got so much more wonderful!! Dark Purple!!! But if your store doesn’t carry it, regular white cauliflower will be just as good since they pretty much taste the same.

And because it’s available, I just had to have the orange cauliflower!! Our store even carries a lime green color! All are very pretty and fun!

To add some more color, I get red, yellow, orange and green peppers. They add lots of good vitamins, flavor, and color! You especially need these if you don’t have awesome colored cauliflower!!!

I forgot to take a picture of the onions. I like to cut them up in thin strips and add them to the mix. Purple ones are nice, but I already had so much purple I went with a white colored, but named "yellow", onion ... use whatever tickles your fancy.

And this is what was left over when I was done. My unmixed bowl of salad and next week’s veggies.

Here is the result of about an hour’s work. Food to last me a week.
I just pack it up in a couple of gallon Ziploc bags and store in the fridge.

Now that you have all your veggies cut up, you can do lots with it, you can go to your cut up lettuce in a bag, and make a nice salad, add tomatoes or mushrooms, cheese and croutons.... whatever you like. Or, if you were like me the other day and needed a quick pot luck offering, you can take your bag of veggies, put it in a nice bowl, add some Very Berry Vinagrette dressing, or any kind would work, and have a nice colorfull veggie salad!!! You cauld make soup, open a box of chicken broth, add veggies, some frozen cooked chicken and cook for a bit... soup! And these are about the same veggies as I use in Veggie Kablooie, so you could just throw a couple handfuls in a food processor, chop them up fine, add Kraft Peppercorn Ranch dressing and some shredded cheese and Voila`! you have the most awesome snack available!!!!

You can make a quick stir fry with a frozen chicken breast, or breakfast sausage, and some oil, herbs (I use a lot of garlic powder) and salt and pepper. Or use soy sauce or any of your favorite stir fry sauces.

Because  Don was home I used two breasts, added a handful or two of veggies, (quick took the picture)  then added a few more handfuls of veggies.

Dinner is served!!!!

In the next few posts I will discuss once a month cooking, and making grab and go food, like stuffed muffins, little pizzas, wraps and packaging.

What!!!! You've NEVER heard of Veggie Kablooie?????

Veggie KablooiePeggy's Original Veggie Kablooie!!!

This recipe evolved over a year or so until it became what it is. It's something that is welcomed with open arms (hands and mouths!) whenever I bring it to a party.

What is it??? It's good for you! Well, it must be since it is filled with vegetables! It's a snacker's delight!  It's vegetables that went.....

Many of my friends have asked me for my recipe and I have given them a print out from my computer. No one has ever gotten back to me to say they made it and it's just as good as mine... or even told me they made it. So I can't say this recipe has been tested by anyone but myself, and I actually never really measure anything when I make this. I just kinda go by what looks right.

This is what you need for Peggy's Original Veggie Kablooie:Veggie Kablooie

A food processor

2 parts broccoli
2 parts cauliflower
2 parts carrot
1 part radish, the ones with the greens on topare the best.
1 part onion--yellow, white, or, for color use the purple ones
1 part green pepper (optional- I think it adds a brightness to the Kablooie)
1 part shredded mild cheddar cheese
enough Kraft Peppercorn Ranch dressing to moisten
1 or more bags of Fritos Scoops (not pictured here)

Take all the veggies and grind them up, add enough dressing to moisten, add the cheese no more than 4 hours before serving. Eat with Fritos Scoops (best), or other chips or coin shaped carrots. or scoop-cut bell peppers or other scooplike things.. NOT celery! You will ruin it with celery!

You can also stuff pita pockets, or eat it like coleslaw!

Sounds simple, don't you think????

Here is a picture tutorial.
I am making a very large batch. You don't have to make this much.
I would imagine you could make a small batch by putting small amounts of the veggies in one bowl of the food processor and grinding them up. I have never made a small batch....

Veggie Kablooie
So, you take your 1 part radishes and 1 part onions,
chop them up to the size your machine needs them to be,
and put them in your food processor.
Grind them all up!
Veggie Kablooie

Dump this out into a bowl.
(I got a little ahead of myself here as I already have the carrots in there too!)

Veggie Kablooie

Next the 2 parts carrot.. actually, you can do these in any order...

Veggie Kablooie

I mentioned green peppers in the recipe.
They add a brightness to the Kablooie, but this batch was to be eaten
by someone sensitive to green peppers so I left them out.

When I cut up the 2 parts cauliflower, I use as much stem as I can.

Veggie Kablooie Veggie Kablooie

The same with the 2 parts broccoli.

Veggie Kablooie Veggie Kablooie
 Not quite enough with just the stem, so I added florets. You should use some florets just for the color.

But not all of them, left some nice florets for munching on while i was pouring on the dressing.

Veggie Kablooie
Now it is time to add the Kraft Peppercorn Ranch Dressing. This is important! I like this particular dressing the best for this recipe. Once I only had regular ranch dressing (I grabbed the wrong bottle/ Long story) so we added cracked pepper to it and it was okay. The pepper adds a zing to it, but not enough to scare away the wimps of the world (that would be my husband who thinks mashed potatoes are too hot!)   I actually never tried another peppercorn ranch dressing cuz I really like this one. One day I am going to find a natural substitute that doesn't have all the added bad stuff in it...... someday......

Start with a small amount of dressing and work it in, mix it up, have a good time!
Add more dressing as needed until it looks like this.

Veggie Kablooie

This is a bit dry, so add just a little more until it looks like this

Veggie Kablooie

Don't you just wanna grab some chips and scoop it up!?!?!?!?

"But, but, but... what about the cheese?!?!?!? I have all that cheese sitting there!"

Adding the cheese depends on when you are going to serve it. It is best not to add it more than a few hours before it is eaten because the cheese tends to break down (melt) after a few hours. I usually just add it to the top and mix it in when I am ready to serve it.I made this batch Friday to be taken to a party Saturday afternoon, that's why i didn't mix the cheese in. Remember, more is not better in this case! Too much cheese makes it heavy, a little adds a new dimension to the Kablooie, subtle but nice.

Veggie Kablooie

Of course you HAVE to mix a little bit up to have a taste test!! You wouldn't want to serve your guests an inferior product!!!!

Or in this case, I wanted to take pictures of the finished product!

Veggie Kablooie

There you have it,
Peggy's Original Veggie Kablooie!

Cathy Got Married!!!!!

My friend Cathy got married on August 29th.


I don't have time to write about what a great wedding it was and how exceptionally joyful the guests were. We were all so happy for them that it was just bursting out of us all.  You can share in that extraordinary day by visiting the webpage I created to share the video of the wedding pictures my friends took.

Check it out!

Please feel free to let me know what a wonderful job i did... i am a glutton for praise and kudos!!!

Facebook intellectual discussions

I spend entirely too much time on facebook. Yesterday i finished a quilt for a friend, i will post pictures of it some other time. I was feeling so accomplished!!!! So I announced my accomplishment to my friends on facebook and they answered the call and made it all worth while! Here is the discussion:

Cap'n Peggy W My quilt is done!!!!
•    Terry W. R., Anne P, Nancy S. K an' 5 other mateys be likin' this ere' scroll.
Peggy W-- And i managed to go out to dinner with my sister in law also!
Laura J--- What an accomplishment!! Do you want to make another??
Peggy W--  no!!!!! i am not a quilter!!!! i would rather make clothes.
John W- -then you are a quilt quiter
Leone B-- It's so good you didn't quit on your quilt!
Leone B-- Hey... that's my line but you beat me by a few seconds! ha!
John W-- I'm quite sure the quick quilter did not quit
Leone B-- Quoting you, "The quick quilter went quite crazy trying to get it all done!
Laura J---You would have had guilt if you quit the quilt, not to mention if you gilded it. It would then be called the acquitted gilded quilt!!
Leone B-- I'm outmatched! I'm in a quandry as to what to quip now.
Laura J--- I learned from you Leone!
Leone B-- Only from the best, eh?
Peggy W --lol!!!
John W-- question the queen quipper who quaff quotes
Laura J---OOOOHH that is a good one!
Betty B D--- Whatever. How about a photo?
Leone B ---I'm sure the quilt is quaint!
Laura J--The quaint gilded quilt quieted the queen quipper quite quaintly!!!
Peggy W--- ‎"Queer quality quipping by the quantum quart!!!!" quacked the Quilt Queen.
Terry W R--- This quibble makes me quiver and is all quite questionable. I query the quirky quipping and quest a quintessential photograph.
Leone B----- Arrrrrrrrrggggggggggggg Quit! :)
Peggy W---- Shouldn't that be "Arrrrrrqqqqqqqqq"?

Weddings, Vows, and Prayers

I mentioned in my last post that my friend Cathy is getting married. I can talk about her here cuz she never reads my blog, but I won’t tell all her secrets…. today, at least.

Me, being the social butterfly and flitting around conversing with everyone and everything that will listen---- I never stop talking long enough for anyone to get a word in edgewise---- I was talking with several friends yesterday at a birthday party… not for me, for Betty’s mom who turned 100! She is amazing, I want to look, think and move as good as she does---now and in the future! Of course, I will have to lose a few pounds and shrink about 6 inches in height….

Oh, yes, talking to Cathy’s friends….I was talking with Hal, who is officiating---doesn’t that sound official?—and suggesting something to add to the ceremony itself. When I got married I wanted Don to promise to cuddle, since he isn’t much for cuddling I had to make sure about this, and Cathy is the one who helped me talk our elder, Dave, into adding it to our ceremony. So I thought I would do her the same favor. While talking about this, Hal mentioned--- oh, he liked the idea of sneaking it in without their knowledge and springing it on them---- that he was looking for different ceremonies to use in weddings, and I thought I had a copy of the one we used and promised to send it to him. I was mistaken, but I did have some excerpts to send him. These are the actual promises:
“...faithfully promise and covenant with God... to take Donald Edward Wales to be my lawful wedded husband... for as long as we both shall live... to love him, cherish him, honor him and cuddle him... (pause for laughter from audience)... as God has ordained to submit myself unto him.”
“...take Peggy Lee Wiltsie... for as long as we both shall live... to love her, cherish her, honor her, cuddle her and provide for her....”

While looking for the ceremony I got to looking thru my wedding book---something that one of Don’s school bus students gave us that I really didn’t want to fill out, resentfully filled it out, and have used it as a reference many time since--- I found a copy of the prayer Dave gave  at the wedding. (My dear friend Kim copied it off the wedding video for me)  As I read it, I started to think about what he asked on our behalf and about the 18 years of answered prayer that is our marriage.  I thought I would share this prayer with you and thank Dave for it! Thank you so much for this very wonderful and thoughtful prayer. We have had a very blessed marriage and life together.  Here is the prayer for you to read. Let me know what you think and how it has impacted our lives.

“Eternal Father in Heaven, We come before You, very thankful, Father, that You are the Great God that has given us this physical process of life. We thank you, Father, for the opportunities that You do give us to grow and develop.

Now as we come before You, on this very beautiful day You have provided, we bring before You Don and Peggy, as they are being united in marriage. We ask for Your blessing upon them. We pray, Father, that You will provide them with comfort, with understanding, with knowledge, with compassion, and mercy as they embark on their married life.

We thank you, Father, that they are part of Your church, that they have the ability to enter into this marriage knowing Your laws and Your will and Your way of life. We ask You, Father, now to guide them, and direct them so they will use Your word and Your instruction always as a foundation and focal point of their marriage.

Help Don, Father, to be a loving, compassionate, providing husband.

Help Peggy to be responsive and look after the needs of her husband, Don.

Just bless them, Father, in all their endeavors. Help them always to do everything according to Your will and according to the instructions contained in Your word. We ask Your blessing, now, upon them, that they have a very successful and loving marriage, and commit them into Your hands, asking these things in the name of Your son, Christ. Amen”

What a rollercoaster week I have had!

Wow!!! What a jam- packed emotional rollercoaster of a week I have had!

First I discover an exciting new Gluten free Waffle recipe and acquire a waffle maker so I have many joyous days ahead!!!

Thursday, a good friend passed away, he was my friend and his wife and sons were my friends and I am saddened that he is no longer with us.

Friday, I am glad to be able to help out a friend by loaning them a wheelchair, but I am saddened that they need it. My friend is very sick with cancer and has no energy.

Then on a frivolous note, I got my new glasses Saturday, which is exciting cuz I can see better overall, although now they are too strong for the computer, and I have to wear/carry my computer glasses whenever I use the computer or take it with me. I like them from this side! They also are very different from the ones I had before, they make more of a statement… and when I look in the mirror I usually laugh…Don and the others liked them… they are “Me”.

Sunday, I got to go out on the road with Don, I always like that cuz I get to be with him.

I came home to the excitingly happy news that my friend Cathy is getting married!! We knew it would happen one of these days…. but didn’t think they would decide to get married 3 weeks after the engagement! So now I am helping with wedding plans!

The same day of the happy news was the funeral for my friend, and the announcement of the passing of another friend’s mother. She will be missed by many.

As I was reading this sad news, two lovely little goldfinches found my bird feeder that has been up for more than a week!  They visit every few hours, singing for their supper, right outside my window that I look thru when thinking about what I am writing for this blog.

Then I find out that Don is headed for Florida, where there is a tropical storm alert, he is possibly heading into a hurricane, and it’s a long run and he probably won’t be home for the weekend.

The next day the birth of a new baby girl! Rebeka! Joyous celebration!!

The tropical storm just fell apart! For no reason except that God is good to us and he didn’t want Don to have to drive into a hurricane?!?!?! Also, Don dropped his load, picked up his backhaul and is on his way home. He needs to stop and sleep soon, but he should be home late Friday!

I am happy that I got more of my quilt for Cathy done, I thought I had months to complete it. I am doing better than I thought, but sadly, I just don’t think I have time to get it done before the wedding. Happily, I am thinking I can give it to her at the Feast…..

What's next?!?!?!?!?!?!?

The continuing saga of Miss Julie,

Book Two of Miss Julie
(Feast of 1990)

To the feast goes the teach named Miss Julie
Because soon if she’s good, she’ll be godly
    Dear Sandy and Linda
    She’s with a room inda
Two ok sev at the Inn of the Deli

Oh life’s rough for the teach named Miss Julie
She’s talking no more to Tom Doolie
    A tiff it’s no longer
    A war. They’re asunder.
Now tonight she will party at Chul-ly

A birthday for the teach named Miss Julie
At 29 she is so glamoolie
    Her friends watch from the sides
    As she gathers the guys
In droves do they come so Jubuley

From her friends to the teach named Miss Julie
At her calendar she looked so ruefoolie
    “29 I will be
    At the Feast on Sundy”
And her friends they rejoiced joyfoolie

In the choir sings the teach named Miss Julie
We sing “Praise Him” and “Glory Halleluly”
    “The Lord’s Prayer” is too slow
    “We need Get up and Go!!!”
“Everlasting” we sing Gloriously

Another ‘bout the teach named Miss Julie
To the dances she goes with her roomies
    Friends there she will meet
    Kyle, Dave, Michael and Pete
In a circle they dance Tribal-oolie

One last poem for the teach named Miss Julie
On the last Day she picked up quite some bootie
    Our Optimistic Chair sit-ted
    3 more handsome men netted
Blond hair and blue eyes… mine are googlie

All alone goes the teach named Miss Julie
To her sad little shack in Gilhoolie
    Warmth and love we will send her
    So sadness won’t enter
We hope she will make lotsa moolie!

Keeping with our theme of silly stories....

February 22, 1992


Peggy and the Prince


Once upon a time there was a fair young maiden named Peggy who drifted thru life on a cloud a few feet off the ground. Little touched her, and life was good. Oh, she had a few problems along the way, but nothing to disturb her sheltered little world. As she drifted, she met some wonderful men she liked and who even liked her, but nothing became of the relationships and soon she drifted off in another direction, knowing that when Prince Charming arrived she would know right away.

Then one day Prince Charming came along, but he was disguised as a happy-go-lucky frog. Froggy, alias the Prince, and Peggy got to know one another and became good friends. Peggy had many friendships with men and frogs and other such things. She and the frog had many interests and talents in common, and people often asked her why she didn’t get together with Froggy. She just brushed them off with a snort of disdain for their silliness. You see, she just saw the outer skin of Froggy, seeing only the surface façade and battered edges where life and circumstance took their toll. She never saw the sensitivity to other’s needs, his foresight, and his enterprising spirit. She didn‘t appreciate his loyalty to his friends and to his God. She didn’t see this because she was caught up in her own narrow little world.

But he wasn’t blind.

He had more perception and vision and saw in her talents and potentials she never even saw in herself. So he courted her, pursued her, and waited for her, but she just accepted the frog for the entertainment value he offered, never perceiving that he loved her.

On she floated thru her life, year after year, playing with her friends and her toys, while poor Froggy sat back and watched. And waited. Burying his hopes and dreams, diverting his energies to more fruitful pursuits and more viable options.

Then gradually she became discontented and bored and realized that she had to change her life, to step out and try something new, to take a stand! So she made a decision, got off her cozy little cloud and made a commitment to her God. She really created quite a stir in all her friends and family with her decisiveness.

“Hallelujah!!” They all shouted, “Our girl lives and breathes.”

And so she did.

Her life no longer drifted along on a cloud, but ran on solid ground with all its bumps and stumbling stones, and all its beauty and joys. She looked around her and saw the error of her ways, all her faults and weaknesses and settled in to work on correcting them. At this point in her life she was content to concentrate on change rather than acquisition and other selfish motivations.

Froggy, in the mean time, was watching this process with a gladdening heart. Old buried hopes and dreams suddenly burst forth to new life!!

He once again started to court her, with more fervor and persistence, laughing in the face of rejection, only to come back again and again!!!

Peggy was at first a bit puzzled at the frequency of his attention, but soon decided that it was a phase and he would again be off chasing after other more fruitful pursuits. She then just accepted his advances when it suited her and thought little more about it.

This attitude was working well for the frog, alias the Handsome Prince; because our little Peggy was beginning to see all the wonderful qualities he had and looked less and less at the foibles.

Then gradually it dawned on her that Froggy was more intent than he used to be. This made her think, it scared her a little, too, because she really liked her friend the frog, but had a strong preconception about him that was hard to discount. So Froggy kept on being Froggy and Peggy got more and more confused, wanting to see more of him, but knowing it wouldn’t work.

Oh, what should she do?!?!?

How should she resolve this dilemma?!?!?!?!?

So she prayed.

Then she went to see her ailing friend Loni, who was experienced and wise. She was the means through which God opened Peggy’s eyes so she could see through the preconception. And just as her eyes opened, disaster struck!

A raging storm of near death and destruction swept through her life! In one gigantic upheaval she was tossed to and fro!! Up and down!!! Stretched to the breaking point!!!!! Oh will this never end?!?!?





Not only was her life turned upside down, she was sent on an extended journey to a far, ahhh! but beautiful land. The journey was not arduous, but it was long and it took her away from Froggy. She had a lovely time seeing the far distant land, and she met some wonderful people and had some awesome experiences.

But something was sadly lacking.

No matter how much she threw herself into the events and the entertainments offered, she couldn’t shake off the feeling that something was missing.

She missed Froggy.


And was totally and thoroughly surprised at the intensity of her feelings. She longed to see his face and hear his voice and gaze into his laughing brown eyes.

At last! The time came and she was joyfully free to return to Froggy!

Oh how happy they were. Laughing and giggling like two children full of joy and wonder and affection. They worked and played together. He encouraged her to do many things that widened her outlook and she caused him to be more focused. Happily on they went for time.

And then, near the end of an extremely magical weekend, on a beautifully clear night, with the moon and the stars doing their best to shine brightly and majestically, he hitched back his hat and kissed her.




Froggy turned into……..






PRINCE CHARMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





She was amazed!! Astounded!!! And discombobulated!!!!

She was awestruck!

She was hooked.


Soon they were to be wed and a cry went up throughout the land, “Praise the Lord for the miracle He has performed!!!”

For the people were in awe. They never thought it would ever happen.

It did.

Soon Peggy and the Prince will live happily ever after.


The Beginning…………………


Silly stories from the past

Remember I said i ran across some stories I wrote ages ago. Well i thought i would share one with you. There are actually four books in this series, but i will only give you the first one. This is a story about a friend of mine who was teaching first grade in a small town in north central Wisconsin.

The Book of Miss Julie

There once was a teach named Miss Julie
Whose tops in her old country schoolie.
She knows the best songs,
And rights our note wrongs,
Then she sings them again oh so coolie.

I once knew a teach named Miss Julie
Up her nose looked the Doc oh so rudely.
He dug and he scraped
How he made her nose ached
And the Doctor he took all her moolie.

Remember the teach named Miss Julie?
And the songs that she sang oh so coolie?
She knows this guy Chris
With whom she is pissed
A bomb she will send with which to foolie.

Again with the teach named Miss Julie
To the sunset she rode with Tom Doolie
How he made her heart flutter
And he made her mouth mutter
He could really be quite stubborn muley.

Are you tired of the teach named Miss Julie?
Who moved back to her town named Gilhoolie?
She was lonely and sad
Because Tommy was bad
And didn’t respond to her “you-hoolie”

To the feast goes the teach named Miss Julie
To the guys in her church she says fooey.
In the mood for a fling
“So in Love” she will sing
She will come back as Mrs. Guess Who-ey

Year two for the teach named Miss Julie
She’s stuck with a kid who’s unruly
One monster so far,
But the rest get gold stars
Ends the saga of poor old Miss Julie.

There are a lot of stories behind all those verses, but they are not mine to tell. Hope you enjoy it anyway!

New Background... What'cha think????

I finally changed my background! A while back my awesome friend Anna, who set this blog up for me, lost the use of the place she stored my background picture. It's lost forever, so I changed it to an actual picture of the view out my window, but I really didn't like how that looked. "Why did I suddenly get the urge to change it?" you ask. Well I will tell you.....

Last night Nancy, Anna and I were discussing this and that and I mentioned that my friend
Larry wrote a book, so we looked on line to see it and discuss it. Then Nancy mentioned that she wrote a book, and we said, “Yes, we knew that.” Then she said, " No, I wrote another book, more along the line of Larry’s book with all the rhymes." Since she was sitting in front of her computer at the time, she opened the file and read us her book about Figaro the cat—it was very cool! Very Dr. Seuss-ish! I am hoping to get a copy of it one of these days. Then I said, "I wrote a book also!" So, since we were at my house and the file cabinet where the book was stored was only across the room, I went and got out my book. (one day I will scan it and find the best way to post it so you can read it.) I showed it to Anna and Nancy and they were bowled over with awe at the amazing artwork and clever rhyming.  While they were reading this epic novel, I found several other of my favorite scrawlings in the file! I was very excited for I thought I lost all of those incredibly well written stories. (I will be sharing those stories with you in the next several weeks.) You see, finding and reading those stories reminded me of how much I like to write such silliness… which got us on the topics of blogs…. Which reminded me that I haven’t written anything here for quite some time and I should get back to it... Which reminded me that I got away from it cuz I was unhappy with the looks of the blog. Anna mentioned that I should start a new one using a different Blog-host, company? Server? … whatever you call it. She uses Blogger and where she has several blogs, (her main one is Beth and Cory’s Mom) and she thinks I should use that one. So today I started looking at free blog hosting to see what they had to offer. I looked around and didn’t see all that many exciting templates that were any better than what I had. So I revisited Live Journal and looked at the templates, and found this one. It doesn’t exactly promote my  theme “from my windowsill---A Flowerppot's View of the World”. It’s more like “a view inside my hoodie” but I like the daisies and the line drawing, the simplicity of it. I kinda like it, so this is what I am going with for now. What do you think????